Bioclipse development releases

These are development releases for Bioclipse. Stable versions of Bioclipse are available from Sourceforge. Instructions for installation and FAQ/help are available from the Bioclipse Wiki and the Bioclipse Blogs.

Please note that the package below only includes the Core, Cheminformatics, and Balloon features. To try all other features, use the software updates, available from the main menu in Bioclipse: Help > Software Update. The development update site is: and is set by default in the development versions.

Versioning Scheme
Bioclipse releases follows the versioning scheme Major.Minor.Revision, where odd Minor values are development versions towards an even Minor (stable version). Hence are 2.1.x unstable development versions on the road towards the stable 2.2.0.

Support for development versions
There is no standalone help for Bioclipse development versions but you need to download, install, and start Bioclipse and then in the main menu select: Help > Help contents to come to the Bioclipse manual. Report bugs at See the Bioclipse Wiki for how to get into contact with developers and for developemnt tutorials.

Source code
The source code for Bioclipse is available in the Bioclipse Git repositories.

2010-07-06 - Bioclipse release 2.4.0.RC3

2010-06-10 - Bioclipse release 2.4.0.RC2

2010-06-01 - Bioclipse release 2.4.0.RC1

2009-12-04 - Bioclipse release 2.2.0.RC2

2009-11-05 - Bioclipse release 2.2.0.RC1

2009-10-02 - Bioclipse release 2.1.1

2009-08-07 - Bioclipse release 2.1.0