Interface IChemFormatMatcher

All Superinterfaces:
IChemFormat, IResourceFormat
All Known Implementing Classes:
ABINITFormat, Aces2Format, ADFFormat, CACheFormat, CDKOWLFormat, CIFFormat, CMLFormat, CrystClustFormat, CTXFormat, DaltonFormat, GamessFormat, Gaussian03Format, Gaussian90Format, Gaussian92Format, Gaussian94Format, Gaussian95Format, Gaussian98Format, GhemicalMMFormat, GhemicalSPMFormat, HINFormat, INChIFormat, INChIPlainTextFormat, JaguarFormat, MDLFormat, MDLRXNFormat, MDLRXNV3000Format, MDLV2000Format, MDLV3000Format, Mol2Format, MOPAC2002Format, MOPAC7Format, MOPAC93Format, MOPAC97Format, MoSSOutputFormat, NWChemFormat, PDBFormat, PMPFormat, PubChemASNFormat, PubChemCompoundsXMLFormat, PubChemCompoundXMLFormat, PubChemSubstancesASNFormat, PubChemSubstancesXMLFormat, PubChemSubstanceXMLFormat, QChemFormat, RGroupQueryFormat, SDFFormat, ShelXFormat, SpartanFormat, VASPFormat, ZMatrixFormat

public interface IChemFormatMatcher
extends IChemFormat

This interface is used for classes that are able to match a certain chemical file format. For example: Chemical Markup Language, PDB etc.

Egon Willighagen
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Method Summary
 boolean matches(int lineNumber, String line)
          Method that checks whether the given line is part of the format read by this reader.
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getFormatName, getMIMEType, getNameExtensions, getPreferredNameExtension, isXMLBased

Method Detail


boolean matches(int lineNumber,
                String line)
Method that checks whether the given line is part of the format read by this reader.

lineNumber - number of the line
line - line in the file being checked
true if the line is of a file format read by this reader